Top 10 45W Power Chord Hp All In One

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We spent many hours on research to finding 45w power chord hp all in one, reading product features, product specifications for this guide. For those of you who wish to the best 45w power chord hp all in one, you should not miss this article. 45w power chord hp all in one coming in a variety of types but also different price range. The following is the top 10 45w power chord hp all in one by our suggestions

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T-Power (19V- 90W) Ac Dc Adapter Charger Compatible with HP Pavilion (N193) 20″ 23” All-in-One Desktop HP 20B, 23B Series Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

T-Power (90w) Ac Dc Adapter Charger Compatible with HP 18” 19” 20" 21" 32" HP Pavilion (N193) 20" 23” OMEN Gaming All-in-One Desktop PC Monitor Replacement Switching Power Supply Cord Charger

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

??? PLEASE CHECK CONNECTOR PHOTO to make sure your model is compatible T-Power Made with the Highest Quality Input: AC1-24V (worldwide use). Output: 19V 4.74A 9W (19.5V , 65W compatible)

Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion All in one Computer Desktop PC 18” 19” 2″ 21″ 2-B312, 2-B313W H6U5AA#ABA, 2-B314 , 2-B1, 2-B13W, 2-B14 2-B323W H6U7AA#ABA, , H6U6AA#ABA, 2-b31 2-b31ef H6U4AA#ABA
HP Pavilion 32-inch QHD Wide-Viewing Angle Display Monitor V1M69AA , V1M69AA#ABA
HP OMEN 32″ W9S97AA#ABA Display Monitor
HP Pavilion Gaming 32-inch QHD Monitor 3BZ12AA , 3BZ12AA#ABB
HP 26 G1, ProDesk 6 G1, EliteDesk 8 G1 AIO Desktop Mini Business PC , HP 18, 19, 21, 22, 21z Touch All-in-one PC , HP Pavilion TouchSmart 2, 21, All-in-One Desktop PC
HP 18-51, 18-511 (G4B5AA) , 19-214, 19-2113w (G4B6AA), 19-2114, 19-234 (K5H31AA) , 19-313w (J4W49AA) , 2-b31 , 2-f23 (H5P48AA) , 2-r13w (L9K75AA)
21-21 (J4V76AA), 21-214, 21-22Z (J6S76AV#ABA_1), 21-224 , 21-h1, 21-h14 , 22-31 (L9K77AA), 22-32 (L9K8AA), 22-33 (L9L45AA), 22-34 (L9L46AA) , 26 G1 K6P21UT, K6P22UT, K6Q84UT
6 G1 F3U77AV, G5R55UT, K1K21UT, K1K23UT, K1K24UT, K1K25UT, K6P87UT , 8 G1 G5R49UT, J6D9UT, J6D92UT, J6D93UT, K1K71UT, K1K91UT ,, 751889-1 , 18-51, 18-511, 19-2114, 21-21, 21-224
HP Pavilion 21-H14
??? ((( PLEASE CHECK CONNECTOR PHOTO )))) ,, Safety Warning: As this is an electrical item, the item must be stored correctly, and be constantly monitored. If the item appears to be overheating, please disconnect straight away. Please read the enclosed safety booklet before use.

T POWER 90W Ac Dc Adatper Charger Compatible with Dell Inspiron 20″ 22″ 24″ 3000 5000 Series All-in-One Desktop FHD AIO PC Power Supply

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

NEW AC Adapter Charger replacement for HP Pavilion 23-g010 23-Inch All-in-One, 18-5110 All-in-One PC; HP Pavilion 21-h010 21-Inch Touchsmart All-in-One; HP EliteBook 840 G1, J8U01UT#ABA, J8U02UT#ABA  Laptop Notebook Battery Power Supply Cord Plug

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

This is a new compatible replacement AC Adapter Charger Power Supply for HP Pavilion 23-g010 23-Inch All-in-One, 18-5110 All-in-One PC; HP Pavilion 21-h010 21-Inch Touchsmart All-in-One; HP EliteBook 840 G1, J8U01UT#ABA, J8U02UT#ABA . Includes Power Supply Cord. Not an original HP charger. Fits only models listed in title.

Universal Charger for HP EliteDesk ProDesk All in One Desktop AIO PC: Pwr UL Listed 65W Extra Long Cord 800-G1 600-G1 260-G1 19-2113w 18 5010 5110 19 2114 2304 3013w 21-2024 23-g010 Touch Pavilion

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

New 90W 8440p 8460p 2540p AC Adapter/Power Supply&Cord Charger Adapter for HP Elitebook 2560p 6930p 8560p 8540w 8470p 2570p 8540p 8570p 2760p 2170p 8530w[19V 4.74A]

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

Dell Laptop Charger 45W AC Adapter with Power Cord for Dell Inspiron 13 14 15,5000 Series,XPS 13,Computer Replacement Part

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

1. DC Connection: 45W with 4.5mm port
2. World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 19.5V~2.31A
3. Compatibility: 0KXTTW/0CDF57/0JXC18/09CGP4/00285K/04H6NV/0X9RG3
Compatible Factory Model: LA45NM140/DA45NM140
4. New Original AC Adapter include Power Cord with non-retail packaging
5. Designed for :
Inspiron 14 (3437)
Inspiron 15R (5537)
Inspiron 15 7000 Series (7537)
Inspiron 17 (3737)
Inspiron 17R (5737)
Inspiron 17 7000 Series (7548)
Inspiron 17 7000 Series (7737)
Latitude E7440
Latitude 3160
Latitude 3180
Latitude 3189
Latitude 3330
Latitude 3340
Latitude 3350
Latitude 3380
Latitude 3440
Latitude 3450
Latitude 3460
Latitude 3470
Latitude 3480
Latitude 3540
Latitude 3550
Latitude 3560
Latitude 3570
Latitude 3580
Latitude 5280
Latitude 5400
Latitude 5480
Latitude 5495
Latitude 5580
Latitude 7380
Latitude E5250
Latitude E5270
Latitude E5440
Latitude E5450
Latitude E5540
Latitude E5550
Latitude E5470
Latitude E6430
Latitude E6430S
Latitude E6430 ATG
Latitude E6440
Latitude E6530
Latitude E6540
Latitude E7240
Latitude E7250
Latitude E7270
Latitude E7440
Latitude E7450
Latitude E7470
Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme 7414
Latitude Rugged Extreme 7204
Chromebook 11
Chromebook 11 3189
Latitude Rugged Extreme 7404
Inspiron M501R M5010
Inspiron 1546
Inspiron M5030
Inspiron N4030
Inspiron N4020
Inspiron N5030
Inspiron 13R N3010
Inspiron N4110
Inspiron N7110
Inspiron N5110
Inspiron M511R M5110
Inspiron N5050
Inspiron N5040
Inspiron M5040
Inspiron N4050
Inspiron M4040
Inspiron 5423
Inspiron 5520
Inspiron 7520
Inspiron 5420
Inspiron 7420
Inspiron 7720
Inspiron 5720

T POWER UL Listed (19v 65w-90w) Ac Adapter Compatible with Dell 23.8" 24" 27" IPS LED HD LCD Touchscreen Monitor All-in-One S2415H S2415Hb S2418NX S2418HN S2418H P2314T Inspiron 24-3455 Power Supply

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

T-Power Made with the highest quality ( Brand-new ) INPUT: 110V ~240V (( 65W~ 90W )) Compatible 19V 4.74 AMP 19V 4.74 AMP
? NOTE !!! THIS ITEM MIGHT NOT FIT OTHER DELL MODELs , ?? (( NOTE !! Please Check Connector Photo! )))

Compatible Model:
Dell 23.8″ 27″ P2314T P2714T LED LCD Touchscreen Monitor
Dell S2415H S2415Hb 23.8″ 24″ IPS LED HD Screen LED-Lit Monitor , Dell S2418NX S2418HN S2418H 24″ IPS LED FHD InfinityEdge Monitor
Dell Inspiron 23.8″ 24 3000 Series 24-3455 i3459-1525BLK I3455-3240WHT i3455-4040BLK, i3455-6040BLK i3455-6041BLK, i3455-10041BLK i3455-8041WHT All-In-One Desktop
Dell INSPIRON 700M E1405 E1505 E1705 1420 E1505 9300 E1705 9400 PA-10 DA90PS1-00 E5400 E5500 E6400 E6500 N4010 N5010 N7010 D620 D630 GX808 GX808 1645 PA-3E Studio XPS 16 17 4.62A 90W D400 D410 D420 Inspiron 9400 E1705 D400 D520 D630 600 LA90PS1-00 D610 D520 D630 600 D800 700M D800 D810 D820 D830 D400 D500 D600 D800 D500 D600 D610 E6400 E6500 D610 D620 D600 D640 D620 D630 D631 D830 D630 D820 Latitude E5400 E5500 DA90PE1-00 DA90PS1-00 GX808 FA65NE1-00 HA65NE1-00 FA65NE1-00 HA65NE1-00 HA90PE1-00 Inspiron 1545 PP41L PA-12 6000 6400 8500 8600 600M 6400 8600 PA-12 1525 8500 8600 9200 9200 9300 9400 PA-3E Inspiron 14R 6000 N5010 Precision M2400 M4300 M6400 M4300 M6400 Studio 1458 1558 1558 1747 1749 PA-10 15 17 1535 1537 PA-3E Studio 17 1737 1735 XPS 16 1640 S15-167B S15-158B PA10 Vostro 1500 1520 2510 1700 U7809 VOSTRO 1710 1720 1320 2510 1520 LA65NE1-00 PA-1650-26D N560J 0H856H 0N560J Notebook Power Supply cordInspiron 1440 1545 1750 1520 1521 1720 1520 630M 640M LATITUDE D531 D620 D630 PA-12 1720 1721 1521 1525 1526 1545 1570 6000 1420 1501 Studio 1435 1436 1535 1536 1450 1457 1458 1569 1458 1558 1537 1555 14Z 151555 1557 1745 PA-12 PP39L Studio XPS 13 1340 PP17S 16 1640 PP35L M1330 PP25L

Pwr for HP-Charger 15 17 Laptop Notebook Power Adapter Cord: UL Listed HP Elitebook Probook Pavilion 250 450 650 745 820 840 850 1020 1040 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 741727-001 710412-001

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

AC Adapter Charger Power for HP Pavilion DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 G4 G6 G7 DM4 M4 M6 DM4 Series 18.5V 3.5A 65W for HP dv6-1378nr dv6-1259dx dv6-3127dx dv4-1548nr dv4-2145dx Notebook PC Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Friday, October 16, 2020

1.Strict quality standards, certificated with CE/FCC/RoHS standard.
2. Thoroughly tested for performance & durability
3.NO breakdowns, NO fire hazard
4.12-month warranty
Compatibility: (You can search it by ctrl+F)
HP Pavilion DV4 Notebook PC series
dv4-1540us dv4-1548nr dv4-2145dx dv4-2160us dv4-2165dx dv4-4140us dv4-4141us
HP Pavilion DV5 Notebook PC series
dv5-1235dx dv5-1125nr dv5-1392nr dv5-1254us dv5-2035dx dv5-2134us dv5-2145dx dv5-2134nr
HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook PC series
dv6-1378nr dv6-1259dx dv6-1355dx dv6-1350us dv6-1359wm dv6-1352dx dv6-1238nr dv6-1030us dv6-2155dx dv6-2066dx dv6-2050us dv6-2162nr dv6-2190us dv6-3127dx dv6-3225dx dv6-3122us dv6-3123cl dv6-3025dx dv6-3231nr dv6-3257cl dv6-6c35dx dv6-6c40us dv6-6c14nr dv6-6033cl dv6-6c16nr dv6-6c50us dv6-7013cl dv6-7138us dv6-7043cl dv6-7020us dv6-7245us dv6-7078ca dv6-7213nr
HP Pavilion DV7 Notebook PC series
dv7-2273cl dv7-2180us dv7-2185dx dv7-3165dx dv7-3085dx dv7-3080us dv7-3079wm dv7-3065dx dv7-3188cl dv7-3173nr dv7-3060us dv7-4183cl dv7-4065dx dv7-6b32us dv7-6c95dx dv7-6c43cl dv7-6135dx dv7-6175us dv7-6b55dx dv7-6b78us
HP Pavilion DM4 Notebook PC series
dm4-1160us dm4-1065dx dm4-2015dx dm4-2180us dm4-2070us dm4-2165dx dm4-3055dx dm4-3099se dm4-3013cl dm4-3050us
HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC series
g6-1d45dx g6-1b79dx g6-1d70us g6-1b60us g6-2249wm g6-2123us g6-2231dx g6-2123us g6-2010nr g6-2342dx
HP Pavilion G7 Notebook PC series
g7-1260us g7-1310us g7-1365dx g7-1167dx g7-1219wm g7-1150us g7-2269wm g7-2340dx g7-2240us g7-2270us g7-2323dx g7-2247us
And HP Pavilion:M4 M6 Series


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